Monday, September 6, 2010

Bloomberg (USA)

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The content for streaming videos may be prerecorded or live. While most of the companies that provide live streaming videos do so for a subscription fee, there are also other companies that stream videos for free. Though some companies require installation of their proprietary video players, most streaming videos are supported by and can be played with most of the popular media/video players in the market.

Many companies take advantage of live video streaming technology. One such use is for showing live newscasts on the Internet. Many television networks are slowly offering more and more live shows in streaming video format. There are also companies that offer live videos of road traffic, and there those that offer live videos taken from streets from different countries in the world. Satellite or aeronautical companies also offer live streaming videos of the Earth as seen from space or videos taken by space exploration vehicles on a different planet.

The sports business also sees the advantage of streaming technology. Major sports leagues are offering live webcasts of games through their websites. This service, though, is not free and is only available through subscription. Other common contents for live streaming videos are plays and music concerts.

One of the growing uses for live streaming videos is video conferencing. Internet users who have access to messaging or chat programs and a web camera are able to take advantage of this feature. Friends and relatives, thousands of miles apart from each other, are able to not only talk but also see each other in real-time as they converse.

The main draw to streaming videos is their ability to deliver live content on demand. With just an initial delay of a few seconds allocated for buffering data, depending on the Internet connection and bandwidth, live video streams are delivered to the user. As it gains popularity with Internet users, it is no wonder that more and more media companies are offering live video streams.

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